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Project Shift: Still Going Strong

It’s late so I’m not going to write much, but I’ve been working hard on my current project. Here’s a little blurb on some of the things taking shape. I basically spent the weekend reshaping my engine a bit to¬†accommodate¬†a campaign type system. Still using Blender along with my Fbx Map processor to create everything.


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Project Shift and a new Fbx Map Processor

I’ve been working on a new custom content pipeline that reads maps, including bounding meshes and game logic, from an Fbx file. In the video below, I created the entire map using Blender.

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Natur Source Now Available

I was thinking about it, and since it’s going to be a while before I get back to Natur, I decided to upload the source. Visit Natur on Codeplex to check it out.

It’s not exactly the best version; I was working on the game engine side of it for a while, changing how the physics and animations worked, but none of that has been carried over yet. A lot of the new implementations are still lingering in Devious Knights. This is why I was so hesitant on releasing it early, but never-the-less have fun with it.

You can do some interesting things besides the obvious. For example, I had made a quick map one day using the Spawn system. Rather than using the spawns for spawning, I just used them as data holders for exporting and importing. You can also use the same type of data for different things by using the sectors. You can say Spawns in Sector 0 represent this, but Spawns in Sector 1 represent that, and so forth.

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