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Natur Beta v 0.4 Now Available

I’ve updated my Codeplex with Natur Beta version 0.4. It now includes exporting via the intermediate serializer as well as the new Rally (or Relay) system.


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Devious Knights: (SplitScreen == Multiplayer)

It was one of those things I’ve had sitting in the back of my mind for a long time now. Will it at least be multilayer? I always kind of figured that it wouldn’t be too difficult, assuming I’m only talking split screen–Xbox LIVE support is still an unkown for me… but for split screen, you would think it as easy as just drawing everything twice.

It is 🙂

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New Maps for Devious Knights

I’ve been trying to get away from as many placeholders as possible; the more important of those being the maps. So, after finishing up a pretty nice area, I thought I’d throw up a couple screenshots. I have to say that I’ve been very pleased with Natur.

The purple spheres and lines are the new Rally Point system to help with the enemy AI. In the screenshot, there are actually two separate rally systems: one for ground units and one for air.

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Some Thoughts on the Garbage Collector

I recently added the Garbage Collector to my lists of what to watch out for. It’s not that I’ve completely ignored it, but up until now, I’ve let it get away with pretty much everything.

I put together some thoughts as well as a few tips you might find useful when tackling the GC; you can find them here.

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Weekend Update: Devious Knights

Alot has happened since the last preview.  I finally learned how to get skinning working; a huge relief. With animations came a couple other things like aiming and animated enemies. Unfortunately, I was due for another “regutting” of the system, so that’s what I was doing this past weekend.

Now of course, since I love making teasers and video previews as much as I do making these games, I thought I’d throw up yet another of Devious Knights.


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Natur HUD Update! Also New: Instanced Mesh and Particle Systems

The HUD at Natur on Codeplex has been updated. I’ve also added Instanced Mesh and Particle System. Instanced Mesh uses the new DrawInstancedPrimitives for Xna 4.0. The Particle System has a variety of systems using the Instanced Mesh; they also have some interesting color effects, but they can easily be disabled.

HUD, Instanced Mesh, and Particle System work and have been tested on the Xbox 360.

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