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Natur Map Editor: Advanced Guide Now Available

My apologies for the delay. The advanced guide can be found at:
Natur Map Editor – Xna 4.0


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Devious Knights – Game Play Preview

This was a very productive weekend for me. Much of Natur has been polished up,  and the engine running devious knights is looking awesome; frankly, it surprised me in a couple places. The spawn system turned out very flexible; and the new rally system has been working perfectly.

Check out the new video; its an actual preview of Devious Knights’ game play:

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First Look: Devious Knights

Now that Natur is stable enough, I’ve been using the editor and its game engine to run my FPS, Devious Knights–it’s kind of the reason I made Natur.

The Natur side of things is looking very good. Physics is nearly fixed, but as you can see in the video, my AI is still a work in progress :s

Hope you enjoy!