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Natur: Almost Ready for Beta Release

It’s been a bit since the last update, but I’ve spent the last few weeks learning about interfaces and how to delve into more of the advanced c# stuff.

I gutted the entire system and replaced the foundation with a nice hierarchy of classes and interfaces. The animations are down for the moment, but in the process of restructuring, I threw in some new features 🙂

The red wireframes represent bounds; they can be independent or locked into a structure. Locking works exactly like pinning except it has a higher restriction on types. The blue areas still represent locations, and although you can’t see any–I have the Lights layer turned off–I added directional lights.  Bounds and locations now come in either box or sphere form, and of course the collision system takes into account either type.

I added some scaling hot keys as well as a Ctr + V hot key which creates an exact copy of everything you have selected and then selects all of the newly created objects.

NEW! Independent Bounds

NEW! Layer Manipulation

NEW! Object Editor



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Natur Gets the Works

Natur yet again; I’ve added some nice new features including animation triggers and locations. I spent some time touching up the menu system; it has a much better button layout (the buttons get cramped in the video because I had to drop the resolution) and I created some better icons.

There also different layers: construction and locations (trigger layer). Each layer can be turned on and off for better viewing.

In the sample video,  I create a complex map with three different sections. Two separate elevators connect each section: a double door freight elevator, and a rotating glass elevator.  The new 8 x 8 texture palette gives me more room so I can create simple scenery.