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Natur Gets Animated

I spent what few extra days I had this holiday adding skinning to my map editor, Natur. I use key frames and states for the animations; positions and rotations are then interpolated as it plays. The video shows how I create a simple scene with a working elevator.



Natur Map Editor – XNA 4.0

A few weeks back, I decided that it was time to move to the 4.0 framework. Unfortunately, Thunderstruct didn’t come for the ride. I scrapped it. Although I was hopeful to transform my One Week Challenge project into a full game, it was better to move on.

It was time for me to attempt my personally favorite genre: First Person Shooters. I made a quick attempt when I first started with XNA, but I was no where near ready. I backed out and worked on some other stuff to get me along my way.  But now that I was pretty certain I could handle it, I began work on my map editor, “Natur.”

The map editor allows me the basics: shapes, lights, texture palettes, and a working bounding system.  It’s nothing overtly complex, but more than enough to get me swimming in the deep end.

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